September 2019

"Hope You Have a Bright School Year"





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Entry Level Membership dues: $10

Sponsor a Teacher – $10

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Membership dues and tax-deductible donations help PTO remain an integral part of the Battlefield HS community.  Save your PayPal receipt for your records.

Hard copies with check payments may be delivered to the office to the attention of PTO.


When you go a step further and volunteer to help with events—or join our board— you set a fine example for our students to follow, and greatly encourage our teachers and staff.


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If I join, do I have to?

  • Go to meetings?
    No. You are welcome to attend our general meetings though.

  • Volunteer or spend a lot of time at school?
    Nope! Joining the PTO is not the same as volunteering. If you choose to volunteer we would LOVE the help—but volunteering is not required.


Why should I join?

Battlefield High School PTO connects a community of learners, educators, administration, and parents by sharing, supporting, and funding projects. Teachers who are PTO members are able to submit grants for funds they need throughout the school year.


Here are some examples of what your PTO accomplished during the last year:


 Presented a check for $10,000 to Principal Ferrera

 Donated $5,000 towards the purchase of a smart board

 Awarded $3,000 in Senior Scholarships

 Approved and donated more than $2,700 in teacher grants

 Funded monthly appreciation gifts to teachers, staff, and administrators

 Planned and funded a week-long celebration during teacher appreciation week

 Contributed $500 towards Staff Holiday Luncheon

 Purchased $750 worth of furniture and supplies towards beautifying the school


 This year we've been asked to help modernize the acoustics in the Auditorium. This is a huge endeavor so we need all the support we can get.


Join us and get to know the PTO, the administration, parents, and wonderful Bobcat students that make Battlefield High School a great place to be.


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